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Monday, 1 September 2014

SAVING ANIMALS 1000 AT A TIME: Which Diet Causes The Least Harm To Animals?


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People argue about the healthiest diets.
But, what of the most humane diets.

I chose my diet based on:

1: living the longest;
2: living the healthiest;
3: enjoyment of eating;
4: exploiting animals the least.

The average Australian animal-eater, eats more than 1000 animals, in a life-time.
So, you could save 1000 animals, even if you stay an animal-eater.
Simply, by eating larger animals, instead of smaller animals.

I was a vegan for 18 years.
Because, I like animals.
But, after damaging my teeth [common with vegan diets], I returned to cow's milk-drinking.

Because, I found that by drinking cow's milk, I was exploiting the fewest animals.
While keeping healthy.
I cow in a dairy for 1 or 2 years, and so maybe 1 or 2 calves, for a lifetime supply of milk.
[If you are concerned, about the lack of quality of modern mass-produced milk, then you could buy Biodynamic Milk. Biodynamic Agriculture does not exploit animals like Organic Agriculture does.]

But, unfortunately, and partly because of Vegan anti-milk propaganda,
most ex-vegans go back to eating more than 1000 animals.
Instead of drinking milk from just 1 cow.

How many animals do different diets kill?

How much suffering do different diets cause?

Fortunately, the more humanely animals are treated,
the more natural their lives,
the healthier the animal foods are.

Ocean-caught fish are natural animals living natural lives.

Genuinely free-range chickens are happier,
[be sure that the chickens are genuinely free-range],
and their eggs are healthier to eat, than factory-farmed.

Free-range grass-fed milk and other dairy products,
are healthier to drink and eat, than feed-lot grain-fed dairy.


FOOD        Amount Consumed            Animals Exploited per 80 Year Life-Time Supply
                        per Week                 [The differences, between the groups, are so great,
                                                       that I have not spent a lot of time on exact figures.]

Vegan            Any Amount                     0
Cow's Milk    2 to 4 litres [Yoghurt or      1 cow, 1 or 2 years in a dairy, maybe 1 or 2 calves.
                  hard, matured cheeses,       [Cows produce much more milk than goats, so
                  if lactose intolerant.]          you exploit fewer animals, by drinking cows' milk.]

Eggs               6 eggs                      80 hens and 80 male chicks. [0 if you have pet hens.]

Chicken         500 grams                 1000 chickens. [Eat beef and save 1000 animals.]

Beef              500 grams                 10 cattle. [9 if eat offal, liver and kidneys, as well.]
                                                      [Liver and kidneys are also very high in vitamin B12.]

Sheep            500 grams                 50 sheep.

Fish               500 grams                 Variable. [1 tin of sardines can contain 12 fish.
                                                     But, you could eat larger fish who eat smaller fish.]

NOTE: Big fish eat little fish.

So by eating ocean-caught fish,
[not factory-farmed fish],
you could save more animals, than you kill.


Organic Produce is Fertilised with:

1: blood and bone;
2: chicken dung from factory-farms;
3: cattle dung from cattle feed-lots;
4: dairy waste;
5: sprayed with fish emulsion.

Genuine Vegans would never eat Organic Produce.
[Indeed, anyone concerned about animals would never eat Organic Produce.]

Because, the number of animals that Vegans would abuse by eating Organic Produce,
would be considerably greater than if they drank milk or ate beef.

Vegans, who do not care about animals,
tell me that they eat organic food,
because they do not want chemicals in their food.

As if all the chemicals fed to chickens on factory-farms,
only come out in the meat and eggs, and not in the dung.

[Vegans should eat Veganic, Standard, or even Biodynamic, Produce.]

To Download a PDF of this article please click on: