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HERBERT SHELTON'S COVER-UP: The Health Hazards Of Herbert Shelton's Natural Hygiene Diet

HERBERT SHELTON'S COVER-UP of The Health Hazards Of Herbert Shelton's Natural Hygiene Diet. 
And, how to fix the deficiencies in the Natural Hygiene Diet, the 80 10 10 diet, and other vegan and raw-vegan diets.

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Natural Hygiene is a raw-vegan lifestyle founded by Herbert Shelton.

When I first read the 1976 interview of Dr Cursio by Dr Bass, on drbass.com, I thought of Richard Nixon and the Watergate Tapes.

This is my abridged version of what Herbert Shelton refused to publish.


Dr. Cursio: He's raised four children Hygienically: I noticed in the beginning of the third generation – the abnormalities.


Dr. Cursio: Then I made my shift into more green stuff, blended salads, cut out the orange juice – like I'd give the child the milk and I'd use the vegetable juice.
Then I saw the difference.
The children were better – were more sturdy. Instead of pigeon-chested or chicken-chested, they were fine-chested.

Dr. Bass: You kept the blended salads going?

Dr. Cursio: That was the change.
I don't think there's a dental carie in the whole group.

Dr. Bass: That's a permanent change then, increased salads and blended salads?

Dr. Cursio: 90%, I'd say 95%, on unfired [raw] food – and some steamed vegetables like rice or potato or legumes. This family is representative of many families where they've been raised this way.

[Note by Dr. Bass: The following represents the changes which have evolved in Dr. Cursio's dietetic views over the years leading up to the present time, that is 1976].

Dr. Cursio: I observed many cases of pregnant women who were physically inadequate to have children and hence after pregnancy they accepted Natural Hygiene in order to have children that were healthy and also to make it possible for them to survive.

Dr. Bass: Talking about you [and your patients]?

Dr. Cursio: I'm speaking now of the women who came to me.

How these changes took place – especially in the care of children – so that we have here problems in the children when I followed the strict fruit program with nuts, and minimal amounts, compared to what I use now, of green stuff (salads).

The skeletal development wasn't right, the dental arches were not well-formed, teeth came in crowded because of it.
I noticed a great deal of boys were herniated – who had hydroceles.

THE 80 10 10 DIET TO YOU

Dr. Bass: Can you state specifically what diet they were on?

Dr. Cursio: Their diet would be predominantly fruit, nut proteins, a relatively small amount of salad compared to what they get now – they used to get one salad a day.

They'd have a fruit meal in the morning, a fruit meal at noon, and a salad at night.
In the morning, they'd have just fruit; at noon they'd have the fruit and nuts, and at night they'd have the salad, sometimes with nuts and sometimes with vegetables.

First I noticed the hydroceles, nearsightedness, the skeletal development.

And the musculature was not developed in these children. 
I noticed with other individuals – people who had been living this way and living, I know, 100%.


One of them – I don't think he's [Herbert Shelton] going to publish this – with Miss Natural Hygiene.

There were two Miss Natural Hygienes.
One of them came to me with multiple sclerosis.
And gum recessions, dental caries I noticed.
But a great deal of gum recession and marginal erosion of the gum line of the teeth.


[My Note: For more than 40 years, I have eaten and still eat a high fruit diet, typically at least 2 kg per day. The only time my body was damaged was during my 18 years as a vegan.
In my experience, it is the lack of milk or eggs, and not the surplus of fruit, that does the damage.]

Dr. Cursio: Now, at first I ascribed this to the citrus fruit, so I cut it down, without making any relative increase in the green stuff (salads).
I found slight improvements.
I came to the conclusion [vitamin B12] perhaps was one of the factors that could lead to this pathology.


Dr. Bass: Deficiency in B12?

Dr. Cursio: Yes!
It was only after adding green stuff that I started to see in the pregnancies that followed, and also in the children, that came from these pregnancies, the difference.
Round heads instead of pear-shaped heads, better-formed teeth.
And all the aberrations I had noticed – the near-sightedness, the hernias, the hydroceles, and the musculature that was weak – that all disappeared.
Hemoglobin – the nutritional anemias – they cleared up.

This was with the addition of the salads, but I was not satisfied.
In trying to evaluate the absolute amount of every nutrient, I found it was inadequate.
They couldn't eat that amount, they didn't have time to eat that amount.


[My Note: Having to blend and drink salads, because they could not eat enough, would indicate that vegan diets are not natural for humans. Did prehistoric people and gorillas have electric blenders and juicers.]

Dr. Bass: The salad?

Dr. Cursio: The blended salad.
To insure the proper intake in sufficient amounts with minimal expenditure of energy, especially in the ill, and leaving sufficient energy, for reparative and healing and restorative purposes.


Dr. Bass: In sending this material to Dr. Shelton, shall I quote you?

Dr. Cursio: Quote me – also your observations too.
These were studies that were made on hundreds and hundreds of people. What we call clinical studies and observations, in which there was a morphology, a clinical observation based on, rates of recoveries.
And also in post-fasting nutrition, when this kind of setup was used, that they rebuilt and were able to get back to a normal musculature.
There were individuals who came to me, for example, who'd never been able to go beyond the skeletal stage.
After you gave them blended salad, they started to fill up again.

Dr. Bass: And they wouldn't do it on the whole salad?


[My Note: I recovered by adding only pasteurised cows' milk and yoghurt.
I do not think that fish is necessary.]

Dr. Cursio: But the one thing that forced my attention to the defects, was the recession of gums and the marginal erosion of the gum line of the teeth. Why, in a so-called ideal diet, was this happening? 
I didn't want to go back to fish, as some Hygienists did in the past.

Dr. Bass: Robert Walter?

Dr. Cursio: Yeah! Robert Walter and some other hygienists.
Some of them did it in a sly manner.

Dr. Bass: Tilden?

Dr. Cursio: No.
Tilden was not a vegetarian.
These were vegetarians. The B12 and essential factors were missing.


Dr. Cursio: So hence the egg yolk and the cheese.
Also [anemia] in my own family. No family was fed more scientifically.
We were unfired [raw] foodists.
They were raised that way.

Dr. Cursio: Then I noticed in my generation, the second, the third generation that these problems began to show up.
That's how the [raw] Kutter's Cheese came to be.
When my daughter developed this anemia. I couldn't get it to shift.
There was enough iron, the egg yolks were given.

The proteins were inadequate.

Dr. Bass: You mean the nuts?

Dr. Cursio: Yes.

Dr. Bass: Was that the beginning of all the raw cheeses?

[My Note: Pasteurised cows' milk and yoghurt was sufficient for me.]


Dr. Cursio: Jean Franton was carried into me [with MS].
The year before [that] she was Miss Natural Hygiene.
Dee Robins – one of the most gorgeous females, she died a most horrible death.
She is in there [Herbert Shelton's Monthly Journal of Natural Hygiene], as an example of Natural Hygiene.
Died at 28. She was a model.

Dr. Bass: Of what?

Dr. Cursio: Osteoporosis.
Followed it to the letter.

Dr. Bass: Do you think Dr. Shelton will print this?


Dr. Bass: Once the people restored themselves, did you still advocate the use of the egg yolk?

Dr. Cursio: Minimal amounts.

Dr. Bass: Does that mean that one cannot live on nuts, fruits, and vegetables without egg yolks?

Dr. Cursio: You could.
You'd have to go through a tremendous change, and I doubt that you could make it.
You have to simply recognise that some of us can't make the shifts.


Even though Herbert Shelton asked, Dr. Bass to interview Dr. Cursio, I have found no record of Herbert Shelton ever printing this interview.
Or, anything else that would have alerted Herbert Shelton's followers to what was happening.

Herbert Shelton wrote many books.
And, published a monthly magazine.
Herbert Shelton was not only a pioneer of the raw-vegan movement.
But, a pioneer of the cover-ups that continue to this day.


No primate is a natural vegan.

But, the vegan movement continues to promote the vegan diet,
as the ideal diet,
the most natural diet,
the healthiest diet,
the most environmentally sensitive, and the most humane to animals.

Even though so many 'vegans' eat, and promote, organic food, that has been grown in chicken dung, from factory farms, cattle manure from cattle feed-lots, and blood and bone, and sprayed with fish emulsion.

If vegan was a natural, healthy diet then, almost everyone who tried, would succeed without supplements.

But, most people who try, any vegan diet, fail within their first year.
Even with supplements.

And, most of them, because of ill-health or because it is all too hard.


Many people have cured themselves of 'incurable' diseases, including cancers, by raw-vegan diets.
Because of the detox benefits.
Just as others have by fasting.

But, if you stay too long on any vegan diet, or fast too long, you will invariably get deficiency diseases.

In my experience, which includes 18 years as a vegan, raw-vegan diets, for short periods of up to 3 months, can do a great deal of good.
But, long-term, any vegan diets, for most people, are the worst of diets.

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