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Humane, Sustainable, Healthy, Commercial Milk, Eggs, And Wool

Humane, Sustainable, Healthy, Commercial Milk, Eggs, And Wool In my free ebook,"Humane, Sustainable, Healthy, Commercial Milk, Eggs...


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It is not surprising,
to me at least,
as the following 2 articles show,

1: fresh raw fruit,
which is designed by plants for animals to eat,
and so to distribute and manure their seeds.


2: milk,
which is the only food that has been designed by animals,
for animals.

Should also be the healthiest foods.


Dietary habits and mortality in 11000 vegetarians and health
conscious people: results of a 17 year follow up

Timothy J A Key,
Margaret Thorogood,
Paul N Appleby, Michael L Burr

BMJ 1996;313:775-9

In this Paper,
people who ate fresh, raw fruit daily,
were far healthier,
with far lower death-rates,
“from ischaemic heart disease,
cerebrovascular disease,
and all causes combined.”

Even when compared to health conscious people,
who had a death-rate of about half
that of the general population.

I have quoted the following from their Abstract.


“To investigate the association of
dietary habits with mortality in a cohort of vegetarians and other health conscious people.”

Design-Observational study.

“In the United Kingdom,
4336 men and 6435 women,
were recruited through
health food shops,
vegetarian societies,
and magazines.”

19% smoked,
43% were vegetarian,
62% ate wholemeal bread daily,
27% ate bran cereals daily,
38% ate nuts or dried fruit daily,
77% ate fresh fruit daily,
38% ate raw salad daily.

“Overall the cohort had a mortality about half that of the general population.”

“Within the cohort,
daily consumption of fresh fruit
was associated with significantly reduced mortality
from ischaemic heart disease
(rate ratio adjusted for smoking 0.76 (95% confidence interval 0.60 to 0.97)),
cerebrovascular disease
(0.68 (0.47 to 0.98)),
and for all causes combined
(0.79 (0.70 to 0.90)).”


“In this cohort of health conscious individuals,
daily consumption of fresh fruit
is associated with a reduced mortality
from ischaemic heart disease,
cerebrovascular disease,
and all causes combined.”


The Consumption of Milk and Dairy Foods and the Incidence
of Vascular Disease and Diabetes: An Overview of the Evidence

Peter C. Elwood, Janet E. Pickering, D. Ian Givens and John E. Gallacher.

Lipids (2010) 45:925–939, DOI 10.1007/s11745-010-3412-5.

This meta-analyses,
of studies totaling more than 300,000 people,

showed that people with the highest dairy consumption,
compared with the lowest intake,

were far healthier
and lived longer.
From Their Abstract:

“Meta-analyses suggest a reduction in risk in the subjects with the highest dairy consumption relative to those with the lowest intake:

0.87 (0.77, 0.98) for all-cause deaths,
0.92 (0.80, 0.99) for ischaemic heart disease,
0.79 (0.68, 0.91) for stroke
0.85 (0.75, 0.96) for incident diabetes.”

“In conclusion, there appears to be an enormous mis-match between the evidence from long-term prospective studies and perceptions of harm from the consumption of dairy food items.”



Vegan Movement Propagandists,  use vivisector T Colin Campbell's rat experiments, and other vivisection based research, such as The China Study, to condemn milk.

Rather than use real research that does not abuse animals.


Vegan Movement Propagandists, promote organic food, grown in:

1: chicken dung, from factory farms,
2: cattle manure from feed-lots,
3: dairy waste,
4: blood and bone,
5: sprayed with fish emulsion.

The Vegan Movement approves the use of cows' manure, blood and bones, and fish emulsion, to fertilise the organic food, that it promotes.

By promoting organic food, Vegan Propagandists finance, every type of abuse of animals in agricultural.

The Vegan Movement approves of the use of cows' milk, to fertilise the organic food, that it promotes.

Yet condemns the drinking of milk!

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