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Humane, Sustainable, Healthy, Commercial Milk, Eggs, And Wool

Humane, Sustainable, Healthy, Commercial Milk, Eggs, And Wool In my free ebook,"Humane, Sustainable, Healthy, Commercial Milk, Eggs...


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1: Cow’s milk is high in saturated fat and cholesterol.

So, drink skim milk and eat non-fat yoghurt.

2: Many people are lactose [milk-sugar] intolerant.

People, who are lactose intolerant, can eat yoghurt.
Or, hard, matured cheeses.
Or, drink lactose free milk.

Some people are walnuts intolerant.
So should I stop eating walnuts?
When walnuts are 6% omega-3 [which is higher than any fish or fish oil].

People, with lactose intolerance, can get abdominal pain, bloating, flatulence and diarrhoea.
I get all that from drinking soy 'milk'.
But, not from drinking cow's milk.

3: There are no essential nutrients in dairy you cannot get in a vegan diet.

That is not my experience, based on my more than 40 years as a vegetarian, including 18 of those years as a vegan.

And, it is not the experience of many vegans, I have met, who were unhealthy, or on supplements or both.
Or, even on injections.

Or, many of the former vegans I meet.

Even with all sorts of supplements, they became so sick on their vegan diets, that they stopped being vegans.

Some even returned to eating animals, when drinking milk would have been sufficient to restore their health.

4: Many people in other countries do not use dairy products.

Almost all of those people eat animals or eggs or both.

While, most vegans are on supplements, because their vegan diets are intrinsically deficient.

5: Many Australians do not use dairy products.

About 97% of Australians eat animals.
And, in my experience, about 75% of 'vegetarians' eat animals.

While many 'vegans' eat organic food, that has been grown in blood and bone and sprayed with fish emulsion.

Even with all those animal ingredients in their 'vegan' diets, organic food eating 'vegans' often use supplements as well.

And, still have deficiencies.

6: Dairy is not natural.

But, soy 'milk', made from soy isolates, with added inorganic calcium and vitamin B12, is 'natural'?

People have been drinking, animal milk as adults, for 1000s of years in Europe, India, Mongolia, Africa, . . .
At least 11,000 years in the Middle East.

Abraham gave his adult guests milk to drink. Indeed, Abraham was promised, by his God, a land, 'flowing with milk'.

If you believe that evolution, or even just natural selection, is natural, then it is natural for 80% of modern Europeans to drink cows' milk as adults.

Because in Europe, a mutation occurred about 7500 years ago, that enables adults to digest milk like a baby, throughout their entire lives.

Europeans co-evolved with cows' milk.
80% of modern Europeans, 90% of Irish people, now have that mutation.

People with these mutant adult milk-digesting genes, have almost driven people without these genes, to extinction in Ireland and Northern Europe.

Which shows what a huge health and evolutionary advantage it has been to have these genes.
And, use them.

Even though they were competing with people, who were eating meat and fish, the milk-drinkers still dominated.

Similar mutations occurred and rapidly spread among Indians, Africans, some Chinese people.
And, in the Middle East.

So, if you believe evolution is natural, then it is natural, and healthy, to drink milk as an adult.
Mahatma Gandhi did.

7: Why drink cows’ milk and not some other milk?

Cows produce more milk, than other animals, so you exploit fewer animals.

And, my European ancestors co-evolved with drinking cows' milk as adults.

I have much more energy, endurance and quicker recovery, as a vegetarian, than when I was a vegan.

Some people, who have adverse effects from cows' milk, drink other animals' milks, such as goats' milk, successfully.

8: Bacteria and viruses in unpasteurised milk can cause illnesses in people who drink it.

That is why almost everyone in Australia drinks pasteurised milk.

9: Animals do not drink milk as adults.

Different species are different.
As anti-vivisectionists rightfully keep telling us.

Most animals eat other animals.

Our closest evolutionary cousins, monkeys, chimpanzees, gorillas, . . . regularly eat large amounts of animal protein and vitamin B12.

There are no naturally vegan primates.
A Gorilla's natural diet can contain about 2% to 3% insects, such as termites and ants, which are high in animal protein, and often high in vitamin B12.

Male gorillas can weigh about 170 to 180 kg and females about 70 to 90 kg.

I have calculated that gorillas, on their natural diet, can easily eat 100 grams grams of animal protein per day.
And, 10 μg [micrograms], and more, of animal vitamin B12 per day.

Both are more than most animal-eating humans.

And, I would have to drink 3 litres of cows' milk per day to get that.

Chimpanzees hunt and eat other species of monkeys as well as eating insects.

If I did not drink milk then I would have to eat eggs or animals to be healthy.
I know, I have permanently damaged teeth, from my vegan years, to prove it.

As a mostly cooked-food animal-eater, and as a milk-drinker, even with a high fruit diet, I had beautiful teeth.

Also, when I returned to drinking milk my athletic times improved 10% in 6 weeks.
My recovery, and consistency, even more so.

Cuts and scratches healed much faster.
I feel so much better and healthier.

People who have been vegans for 2 months to 5 years tell me that I should have done this or that.
I say I did.
Tell them why that did not work.
To come back in another 15 years and tell me.
[Chances are that they will not be vegans by then anyway.]

Even most vegetarians, in my experience, go back to animal-eating within a few months.
Often, due to nutritional deficiencies.

It would be far better, for the animals, to teach people to be healthy vegetarians.
As I do.

Than to set people up to failure as vegans.

10: You can replace cow’s milk with plant-based 'milks' such as soy 'milk', almond 'milk', oat 'milk', rice 'milk'.

These 'milks' are just very processed, very expensive, more environmentally damaging, ways of buying soy beans, almonds, oats and rice, with added water and packaging.

Why not eat almonds the natural way.
Cheaper and unprocessed.

Oats and rice contain starch that needs to be digested in your mouth.
Not, drunk down without you chewing and insalivating.

Drinking starch foods, without digesting the starch in your mouth, can lead to abdominal pain, bloating, flatulence, nausea, and diarrhoea.

So why not eat dry rolled-oats, and chew, insalivate and properly digest the starch, instead of drinking the more processed and more expensive oat 'milk'?

Also, by eating processed foods, you cannot tell the freshness or quality of the ingredients.

The almonds could be very old, very stale and very poor quality.
If they were raw you could tell.
But, not after they have been processed.

11: Butter is a dairy product so choose margarine.

Is hydrogenated margarine natural?
I would choose avocados, cold-pressed vegetable oil or peanut butter instead.

12: Consuming dairy products does not guarantee healthy bones.

No food guarantees healthy bones.

You need to do weight-bearing exercise to have strong bones. As, the astronauts in weightlessness soon found out.

13: The countries, where dairy is consumed the most, have some of the highest rates of osteoporosis and fractures in the world.

They also tend to be the richer countries where people live longer and do less physical work.
Ideal conditions for osteoporosis.

These countries also tend to be further from the equator.
And so the people would get less sunshine and so less vitamin D.

If you compare people within the same country, as was done in the Oxford EPIC Study, then vegans can have 30% more bone fractures than vegetarians, fish-eaters and animal-eaters.

14: Milk is frequently modified in different ways. Nutrients such as iron can be added. Lactose can be removed.

Thank you for telling people that, they can have iron-fortified and lactose-free milk, if they want to.
But, why make that a criticism, when you commend the adding of nutrients, such as inorganic calcium and vitamin B12, to soy 'milks'?

15: Milk can be contaminated with drugs, fed to dairy cows, as well as with pesticides and herbicides that contaminated the cows' feed.

As organic food can be contaminated by being grown in chicken dung and cattle manure from factory farms.
This faecal contamination of organic food has led to outbreaks of diseases.
Leading to many sick people, and some deaths, from parasites and bacterial poisoning.
Some organic growers have used pig faeces with lethal effect.

NOTE: In Australian dairy farming 2013:

1: The use of BST and steroidal hormones is not permitted.
2: Milk from cows, treated with antibiotics, cannot be used for human consumption, until the end of the required withholding period.
3: Cows are primarily pasture fed.

A tactic of some anti-milk propagandists, is to condemn the use of milk in all countries, for what happens in some other countries, where there is less regulation, supervision and enforcement.

16: Dairy products are devoid of fibre and almost completely devoid of iron.

Is any one food a complete food?
My diet is based on raw fruit – I get plenty of fibre and iron already.

17: Dairy products can block the absorption of iron and other important nutrients.

So can things such as phytic acid and oxalic acid in plant foods.
Which is why calcium in milk is more digestible than in many vegetables.

18: Most of the calcium in milk is not absorbed.

About 30% of the calcium in milk is absorbed.
Which is about the average absorption of calcium, for all foods, in general.

When anti-milk propagandists say, most of the calcium in milk is not absorbed, they are being misleading and deceptive.

19: Drinking milk causes bones to lose calcium [osteoporosis].

So how do the young of all mammals and marsupials - calves, lambs, foals, pups, elephants, gorillas, . . . grow strong bones on a diet that is 100% milk?
How did I grow 6' tall with strong bones, and beautiful teeth, on a pasteurised milk-based diet?
And, wreck my teeth on a vegan diet?

Milk is very high in calcium.
And, calcium in milk is more digestible than the calcium in many vegetables.
So, milk-drinkers excrete a lot of calcium simply because they are absorbing a lot of calcium. And, not because they are losing calcium from their bones.

Many surveys have shown that milk-drinkers have 5% more calcium in their bones than vegans. And, vegans get 30% more bone fractures than milk-drinkers.

20: Humane considerations. Drinking milk is cruel to dairy cows and calves.

The average Australian animal-eater eats more than 1000 animals in a life-time.
The average Australian milk-drinker drinks 2 litres of milk per week.

If you drank, 2 litres of milk per week for 80 years, then you would have drunk about 8000 litres of milk.
And, the average annual milk production, of an Australian dairy cow, is about 8000 litres.
So by giving up milk you might save 1 cow spending 1 year in a dairy.
And, one calf.
[For an egg-eater: 1 hen and 1 male chick per year for 6 eggs per week.]

By becoming a vegetarian you can save 1000 or more animals.
By becoming a vegan, you save only 1 more animal, than a milk-drinking vegetarian.

But, since most 'vegans', I meet, eat organic food, which has been grown in blood and bone, chicken and cattle dung, sprayed with fish emulsion, . . .

Most 'vegans' are still exploiting, and killing, animals anyway.
And, financially supporting factory farms and feed-lots.

And, if they eat 8000 kg of organic food, instead of 8000 litres of milk, then they would kill, far more than 1 animal, for all that blood and bone and fish emulsion.

I have met many vegans, who went back to animal-eating because of their ill-health, caused by their vegan diet.

Whereas, without all the anti-milk propaganda, they might have stayed healthy vegetarians.

And, still saved the lives of 1000 animals.
As I have.
Instead of failing to save 1001

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