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Humane, Sustainable, Healthy, Commercial Milk, Eggs, And Wool

Humane, Sustainable, Healthy, Commercial Milk, Eggs, And Wool In my free ebook,"Humane, Sustainable, Healthy, Commercial Milk, Eggs...

Raw Fruit, Nuts and Vegetables: Healthy Fast Food

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 EASIER and SAVES TIME and MONEY – far less preparation before and far less cleaning and washing up afterwards.
And, far less equipment.

EQUIPMENT - many fruits, nuts and vegetables need no equipment.
Or, a bowl and a nut cracker.

WASHING DISHES – is a lot easier. 

With no fat and grease to clean up. Just wipe clean with a paper towel. 
No soap is needed. And, often no dishes are needed.

CONVENIENCE – for fast foods have raw fruit, vegetables and nuts. 

Raw fruit, vegetables and nuts are also ideal foods when traveling, camping or picnicking.
Or, during very hot weather.
Or, when you are busy, tired or just do not feel like cooking.

STORING FOOD – I do not have a refrigerator.
I use air tight jars for tree nuts, peanuts and other seeds.
Fruit can be kept in fly, mouse and rat proof cupboards.
Or on high shelves.
Root vegetables keep fresh, and alive, if replanted in your garden or in large garden plant pots.

THE ENVIRONMENT – far less fuel, packaging and garbage.
And, no need for a refrigerator.

LEFTOVERS – can be fed to birds, other animals or your plants.


Kitchens are safer without boiling water and hot oil.
Many children have been scalded in kitchens.
And, houses have burned down from fires that started in kitchens.


You do not have to pay rip-off prices, of $100s up to $2300 or more, to learn raw food preparation.
From truly top vegan chefs.

There are excellent websites, 

with free raw food recipes, photos and videos, 
on how to prepare everything including:

Raw food vegan cakes, pastries, pies, . . .
Raw vegan ice-cream, . . .
Chocolate, . . .
Even raw food fries.

Raw Food Recipes: Free Healthy Vegetarian and Vegan Recipes and Videos is very good and free.

'Looking for healthy vegetarian, vegan and raw food recipes? We [rawfoodrecipes.com] showcase many of the top vegan chefs with trusted recipes, videos and more!'

Click on: http://www.rawfoodrecipes.com


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