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Sunday, 14 December 2014

A Vegan Christmas: The Way Jesus Meant It To Be

“What I want from you is plain and clear: I want your constant love, not your animal sacrifices.”
Hosea 6:5-6.

Jesus, referred to Hosea and said, “It is kindness that I want, not animal sacrifices.” 

Matthew 9:13 and 12:7.

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A Christmas Dinner based on bread, wine and kindness combined with nuts, fruits and herbs from biblical times.

There are many Australian wines to choose from as well as grape juices including sparkling grape juices.
And, you can buy unleavened bread, a gourmet bread or make your own sourdough bread or pancakes.

These can be combined with nuts, fruits and herbs of a biblical flavour.

Such as almonds, carob, chestnuts, pistachio and pine nuts.
Apricots, cherries, dates, figs, grapes, juniper berries, mulberries and olives.
And herbs – caraway, chives, mint, oregano, parsley, rosemary and thyme.
Macadamia nuts would add an Australian flavour.

If eating dried fruit remember to eat sun dried and not sulphur dried fruit.
And, since the sugar in dried fruit has become concentrated and sticky, to clean your teeth afterwards.
Eating celery stems can do this.

An outdoor picnic, in the shade, in your garden or in a botanical gardens, next to a lake or on a beach, could also fit in well with the Australian climate.
And, there is no need for a hot stove and not much to clean up afterwards.


Steaming a Christmas pudding, for eight hours in a hot kitchen, might have been a warm and cosy experience when it was snowing outside.

But, in the middle of an Australian summer the warmth of a hot stove, and cleaning up afterwards, might not be so appealing.

And, no-one, on their death bed, ever said that they wished that they had done more housework.
Especially not on Christmas day.

But, if that is what you want, then much of the traditional Christmas Dinner is already vegetarian or vegan.

The Christmas pudding; the Christmas cake; the vegetables that go with the main course.

Slices of firm tofu can easily pass for chicken or turkey. 

So, one could simply replace the animal flesh, in the main course, with slices of firm tofu.
And, vegetable oil can be used in cooking instead of animal fat.

One could replace the dead animal with bread and wine, or grape juice, as Jesus wanted. 

Or, more simply, one could leave the dead animal out of it.
Just head straight for the dessert.

Similarly, with Easter, Thanksgiving and any other feast.


If ever there was a time to celebrate the abolition of animal sacrifice Easter is it. 

Christians commemorate the Last Supper, Crucifixion and Resurrection of Jesus at Easter – the time when Jesus abolished animal sacrifice and replaced it with bread and wine.

One can eat the same foods for Easter, as for Christmas, with the addition of chocolate Easter eggs, chocolate rabbits and hot cross buns.


The current traditional United States Thanksgiving is pumpkin pie, cranberry sauce and turkey.

Slices of firm tofu can replace the turkey.


Vegetarians and vegans do not have to eat only pumpkin, corn and potatoes.

Vegetarians and vegans can eat chocolate, made from cacao, and many other native American foods like pecans, cashews, Brazil nuts, chestnuts, peanuts and blackberries, raspberries, huckleberries, rose hips, cranberries and maple syrup.

And, drink bergamot, [monarda didyma], tea as the patriots did after the Boston Tea Party. 

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