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Humane, Sustainable, Healthy, Commercial Milk, Eggs, And Wool

Humane, Sustainable, Healthy, Commercial Milk, Eggs, And Wool In my free ebook,"Humane, Sustainable, Healthy, Commercial Milk, Eggs...

Monday, 18 May 2015

Free Lactovegan Ebooks

Free LactoVegan Ebooks

I have written a Free eBook titled:

“Refuting Ant-Milk Propaganda: Why Dairy Products Are The Healthiest Foods For Most People”.

Europeans have co-evolved with dairying.

80% of modern Europeans now have a genetic mutation, that enables them to digest cows' milk like a baby, right throughout their entire adult lives.

According to evolutionary geneticists, Europeans with the gene, would have had an 18% survival advantage, over Europeans without the gene.

A similar mutation occurred among Africans and spread to 80% of modern North Africans.
Other similar mutations occurred in India, Mongolia/Northern China and the Middle East.

Most people without such genes, can still digest and benefit from eating yoghurt, or the older, harder, matured cheeses.

I have also written some other Free eBooks on dogs, horses and poultry.

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